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Juvenile Justice System - an introduction

 6 February 2020
 B V Rao Hall, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004.
 Adv. Sunil Patil
 7 pm - Fellowship 7:30 pm - Routine Rotary Business 8 pm - weekly meeting
 President Mukund felicitated the members who has their birthdays in the last four weeks. The award winner for the Rajesh Khanna Quiz, PP Rtn Madhav Tilgulkar was also felicitated. A guest lecture was given by Adv Sunil Patil on the topic of Juvenile Justice. Juvenile Justice System -- An Intro Talk by Adv. Sunil Patil yesterday (6th Feb) on the subject was a great experience. Adv. Patil shared his experience as a judge on Juvenile Justice Court from 2010 to 2018. Although he is not directly involved with the court now, he is still actively pursuing activities related to welfare of children / juveniles caught up in the “system”. His stories and case histories were heart-touching. When asked what Rotary can do in this area, he stated that, on an individual basis, if every Rotarian rehabilitates one juvenile and prevents him from degenerating into a criminal, that will be a great contribution to the society. With his simple style of narration emanating directly from heart, he held the meagre audience spellbound with his experiments & innovations, founded on the firm belief that children are innocent at heart and need someone to talk to. His spiritual foundation, based on ISKCON culture, and personal interest in every case going beyond the remits of law touched raw nerve in every attendee. He warned all that children going astray is not a problem of “others”, it has reached every doorstep. He exhorted all to communicate with children as a friend on daily basis, at least once during the day, such as at dinner table. No system can reform them other than good parents and hence it is our responsibility to make an effort to understand them. He made people aware of the reality of street children and shook everyone out of the comfort zone. Earlier when a social worker working inside Yerwada Jail gave us a talk, I had realized that there is a lot of difference between a human being and being human. Yesterday’s talk refreshed that memory. All in all, it was one of the best weekly meetings I was fortunate to attend.
Juvenile Justice System - an introduction Juvenile Justice System - an introduction
Juvenile Justice System - an introduction Juvenile Justice System - an introduction