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Conversation with Metro Super Moms

 15 April 2021
 via Zoom
 Interview of Rtn Shubhada Joglekar and Ann Madhura Atre by Rtn Yogeshree Phadke and Rtn Manadsee Kulkarni
 19:00 - 19:30 Zoom Login, Fellowship 19:30 - 19:45 Rotary Business 19:45 - 20:45 Interview of Metro Super Moms
 Meeting started with National Anthem, Presidential and Secretarial Announcements. Ann Sujata Mhalgi Intriduced SuperMoM Ann Madhura. In a discussion with Rtn Yogeshree Phadke and Rtn Manasee Kulkarni, Ann Madhura explained the difficult situation at the time birth of Mayuri, all the initial severe problems in the first year of birth around health in general and specially around the sight/vision, the difficulties the entire family went thru, the ups and downs in life, Ray of Hope instances, how she and entire family changed their mindset, how the childhood was for Mayuri, how schooling started started for Mayuri, how did she realizes the strong intellect of Mayuri and strengths of Mayuri around Music and how they all decided and supported her to become Professional Music singer, what all they had to sacrifice and at the end they all felt sacrifices were worth it. The best part of discussion was that it was highly sensitive and at the same time with highly positive frame of Mind, not blaming anybody anybody on earth as well as above. All the members really liked the way Madhura managed the journey and still doing it. At the end, Ann Madhavi Kulkarni gave Vote of Thanks. We could not hear the journey of Rtn Shubhada as she was down with Covid. We will do her program later
Conversation with Metro Super Moms Conversation with Metro Super Moms
Conversation with Metro Super Moms Conversation with Metro Super Moms