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Mahabharat in Today's Context

 22 April 2021
 via Zoom and Facebook
 Mr. Charudatta Aphale
 18:30 - 19:00 Fellowship, Login 19:00 - 19:15 Rotary Business 19:15 - 20:45 Guest Lecture
 Meeting started with national Anthem, Presidential and secretarial announcement. On occasion of Club day, Found Member PP Abhay Sontakke shared his memories of forming the club and gave a small talk around Club's journey over the last 25 years. Ann Shruti Introduced the Speaker Mr. Aphale. Mr Aphale in his very lucid style talked about a point which we can take from Mahabharata, specially Bhagvadgita. i.e Thinking and Acting for the world at large, larger cause instead of taking narrow view around self/family, giving examples from Mahabharata, History of Shivaji Maharaj, life of one of the popular Prime Minister of India Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastry. He also very aptly connected with Rotary's Goals and 4 way test with this logic of working for larger cause. That was appealing to all the audience and the lecture was very well appreciated. At the End, Rtn Raja Utturkar gave vote of Thanks. Program was live streamed on Zoom, Facebook. It is also now stored on Youtube. With over 1120 views on Facebook and over 75 Zoom Connections, message of RCPM projects, Achievements, journey was sent out to approx 1200 families. Many were Rotarians from other Clubs and Rotary Friends.
Mahabharat in Today's Context Mahabharat in Today's Context
Mahabharat in Today's Context Mahabharat in Today's Context