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Vastushastra and Astrology

 29 April 2021
 via Zoom
 Mr. Anant Marathe
 19:00 - 19:30 Fellowship and Login 19:30 - 19:45 Rotary Business 19:45 - 20:45 Guest Lecture
 Meeting started with National anthem, Presidential and Secretarial Announcements. All the Club Members appreciated the very Tasty Home Delivered Fellowship ( Snacks ) before the Meeting on the Occasion of Club Day. Rtn Milind Upasani introduced chief Guest Mr. Anant Marathe. Mr Marathe in his very Lucid style talked about Astrology and Vastushastra. He said for one to appreciate this, one has to believe on existence of Super Power and reincarnation. Defined Astrology as a combination of Astronomy and Logic. Importance of 5 things namely DNA, Prarabdha/Patrika, Vastu, Karma, Sadhana and how they are interlinked and how the each dominating one can have impact. Alongside he also talked about Mangal, Rahu, Vastu, directions, stones, etc. People liked his lecture. His educational/career background added lot of weight to his words. At end, PP Seema Gave Vote of Thanks. We had over 75 Zoom Connections with Many more on Facebook/You tube
Vastushastra and Astrology Vastushastra and Astrology
Vastushastra and Astrology Vastushastra and Astrology