"Sasu Sasare hotana" and Kelvan

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 03 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Apte Sabhagruh, Apte Road
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic "Sasu Sasare hotana" and Kelvan
Meeting Agenda Gauri Kanitkar talk on Sau Sasare Hotana and Kelvan
Chief Guest Gauri Kanitkar
Club Members Present 30
Minutes of Meeting Club had organized "Kelvan" for Mayank Kumbhar and Tejas Mhalgi on 3rd November. Guest Speaker was Mrs. Gauri Kanitkar, founder of Anuroop Vivah sanstha and also, she is a Counselor. Rtn. Vandana Joglekar interviewed her. She asked the questions which almost everyone had in their minds...be it Daughter's parents or Son's parents. It was indeed a great pleasure listening to Gauritai ‘s experiences. According to her, there are many factors that contribute to a satisfying marriage relationship such as Love, Commitment, trust, time, attention, good communication, tolerance, constructive management of Arguments and the most important is willingness to see each other’s viewpoint. All of us who are already in laws or would be in laws got really good tips to ponder upon!!! She was introduced to the club by Ann. Purnima Halbe and Vote of thanks were proposed by Rtn.Yogeshree Phadke. The program ended in delicious dinner, and Gupshup Everyone enjoyed the dinner!!!