BOD Meeting

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 02 Sep 2023
Meeting Time 10:00:00
Location Mohan's house
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD Meeting
Meeting Agenda 1) Reading and approving last BOD minutes and getting updates on action items 2) Presidents updates 3) Avenue directors updates and discussions on specific items as were indicated before the meeting 4) Passing of resolutions if any 5) Vote of thanks
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 10
Minutes of Meeting Attendees: Pres. Rtn. Surekha Deshpande, Secy. Rtn. Prerana Joshi, Rtn. Shilpa Choudhari, PE Rtn. Amita Nene, Rtn. Vandana Joglekar, PP Rtn. Mohan Chhatre, PP Rtn. Seema Deshpande, Ann. Kavita Deshpande, Rtn. Amit Apte, Rtn. Ashish Jog 1. President Surekha welcomed BOD for the meeting. Felicitated IPP Vivek for citation received from District, PP Seema for inducting 3 new members into the club, Rtn. Amita for kicking off Book Donation project, PP Mohan and August Saarthis for amazing August month and fellowship based on Kerala theme. 2. Action Items from last BOD discussed and status updated 3. Approval of BOD minutes of meeting held on 5-Aug-23 – Proposed by: Amita, Seconded by: Mohan 4. Following BOD Members presented report and tasks - President – Rtn. Surekha - Planned activities for the coming month were discussed - Updates on new interact and Rotaract club was mentioned Treasurer – Rtn. Shilpa - Updated on fees collection status – 100% done and receipts distributed - IT returns for 22-23 filed for Club Club Admin – Rtn. Mohan - Finalized August and September programs - Roster finalized and will be shared with all members - September Saarathi group created and planning in progress IT Officer – Rtn. Vandana - No updates Bulletin – Ann. Kavita - Updates and required details from different teams for bulletin were mentioned Membership – Rtn. Seema - Discussed on ideas on increasing membership by connecting with members contacts. Youth – Rtn. Ashish - Updates on formation of new Rotaract club - Approval for sending students for Interact Assembly was taken PI – Rtn. Amit - Updates on social media were given - Ideas on increasing social media reach were discussed PE – Rtn. Amita - No updates 3. Following Resolutions passed Nos Avenue Topic Actions / Resolutions 4. Next BOD – at Pres. Surekha’s house on 7-Oct-23 at 10.00 AM 5. Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks given by Rtn. Prerana at 12.20 PM.