01-07-2022 - 30-11-2022

Project self respect An adult literacy class was conducted at Karvenagar during the Rotary year 2021-22 in association with Rotary Club Pune Metro and Adim Seva Sanstha, Ambegaon, near Bhimashankar. The class was completed in November of 2022 due to some delay in its duration. His examination etc. was given by all adult educated students and passed successfully. A small, informal and very homely atmosphere was held yesterday to distribute certificates to all of them. Rotary Metro President Vivek Kulkarni and I as Project Coordinator were present. Anil Supe from Adim Sanstha was present. And apart from that, the teacher of the literacy class, Indrayani Ingle, and one to five seven students were present. Anil Supe moderated and introduced by his teacher Indrayani Ingle. It was mentioned that the classes were being held there in the afternoon for one to two hours according to the convenience of all the students. Indrayani's parents had taken the space where the class used to be for her and her siblings to study. Indrayani is very fond of teaching. Seeing her inclination, her parents encouraged her to take adult literacy classes. Seeing the age difference between the student and the teacher, this was a big challenge for Indrayi. She succeeds in encouraging the students without ever letting them down, teaching them by looking at their inclinations and explaining everything in a way that they can understand. Because later the students also responded and they all praised her a lot. All the students expressed their feelings and emphasized that now they don't feel ashamed to go out, or all the transactions are done at the bank, they don't want to know which bus they boarded and where this bus goes. But now his life has changed drastically. People's attitude towards them has changed. President Vivek Kulkarni while guiding said that you should keep practicing what you have acquired.In class we taught them 'How to read/write letters/words' … But in life, we gave these women self respect’ and ability/mindset to chase new dreams. It was clearly visible in all our interactions yesterday … Noticing that positive difference is something that we all Metropolitans strive for

Project Details

Start Date 01-07-2022
End Date 30-11-2022
Project Cost 50000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 25
No of direct Beneficiaries 50
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners Adeem Sastha
Project Category Basic Education and Literacy