01-10-2022 - 20-11-2022

We all know that better communications, dialogues & understanding can really help in resolving most conflicts. If it does not solve completely, but they definitely reduce intensity of the conflict. So First 15-20 Seconds, participants could focus on conflict. Conflicts are well known. We understand it within a few sentences, dialogues or actions. Then in the next 80-90 seconds could be spent suggesting simple solution(s) to SOFTEN the conflict. Some participants can focus on how lack of communication can lead to further increase of conflict, moving further away from peace. Conflict need not be between two enemy countries as we normally think But it could be in two different situations/ persons/ relations mother-daughter or son, neighbours, friends, employees (boss-subordinate), organizations (customer-vendor), mother-in-law gang, etc, etc, Also conflicts could be simple .,, whatever we all notice/ hear/ read/ say in our day to day life …. ……. we want general positivity around us. About 20+ teams from Rotary, Rotaract/Interact, outsiders participated giving a very messages about avoiding conflicts

Project Details

Start Date 01-10-2022
End Date 20-11-2022
Project Cost 70000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 1000
No of direct Beneficiaries 300
Partner Clubs About 15 Clubs. Interact, Rotarct Clubs, District 3131
Non Rotary Partners external groups participating, MES as hall provider
Project Category Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention